Series G9001A

G9001A is the center device to configure Motionnet high-speed serial communications system. It contains 256-byte RAM for I/O control and 512-byte RAM for data communication and can control a maximum 64 local devices. One data device can perform a maximum 256-byte data communication.


Features of G9001A

  1. Minimizes burden to CPU - The whole serial communications are controlled by G9001A.
  2. Built-in large-capacity RAM - Enables remote I/O control in the way to access memory.
  3. Maximum 256-byte data is exchangeable thanks to data communication function.
  4. Accepts desired combinations of local devices.
    I/O device(G9002), programmable pulse generators (G9103/9003) and CPU emulator (G9004) can freely be combined in a desired number up to 64.

Automatically recognizes setting address and the port status of I/O device.

Address area : 512-byte space but 8-byte space can be used depending on the use of input/output buffer.

Communication data length : 1 to 128 words/frame (1 word = 16 bits)

CPU interface : 4 types of interface circuits built in.

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