Series G9002A

This LSI is a center device of the Motionnet system. It contains 256-byte RAM for controlling 1/0 and 512-byte RAM for data communication, and can control up to 64 local devices. The local devices can be classified into I/O devices (G9002A) that control input/output signals such as G8014C on the T-NET system, and data device (G9003, G9103A, G9004A) that control by data such as G8015. It allocates device numbers from 0 to 63 for each local device.

One I/O device (G9002A) has 4 ports (1 port = 8 bits) for input/output (select input/output by terminals). Therefore, all the local devices that connect to the center device use I/O devices (G9002A), you can connect I/Os of 2048 points (64 units x 4 ports x 8 bits = 2048) by serial communication.


Features of G9002A

  • Maximum data transfer speed is 20 Mbps.
  • Transfer cycle time is less than 1 msec when 64 local devices are connected (in case of cyclic communication.
  • One center device can connect up to 256 ports (2048 bits) for I/O connection.
  • The center device provides input interrupt function to a CPU.
  • Input 3.3 V single power as power supply.


External Dimensions

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