Series G9002

G9002 is the I/O chips used as a local device to configure motionnet high-speed serial communications system. Under the control of the center device G9001A, the 4-port 32-bit input/output signals are cyclically communicated between G9002 and G9001A. The interface adopts a tolerant buffer, enabling it to connect to 5 V with few components


  • Number of general-purpose I/O ports : 4(8 bits/port)
  • Input or output and the logic can be defined for each port.
  • Communication mode : Cyclic

Features of G9002

2048 I/O bits can be put under the control of the center device.
With 64 units of G9002 connected to a single line.

Setting address and sport status of G9002 are automatically recognized by center device.


External Dimensions

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