Series G9004A

G9004 is the CPU emulator used as a local device for Motionnet system.
It can control various peripheral chips by performing like a local CPU. It can also communicate with an additional CPU installed at the local site.

●According to commands sent from the center device, G9004 generates CPU terminal signals including control signals, address/data bus signals.
●Connecting CPU terminal signals to high-performance devices enables remote control from the center device.
●Device status information such as interrupt and FIFO is cyclically transferred to the center device and CPU terminal signals are transiently transferred through data communication.
●Available as a local device or PCl-incorporated board for Motionnet system.

Features of G9004A

Can communicate a maximum 256-byte data.

Up to 64 units can be connected to a single line.

Communication failure detection circuit ensures safe operation (watchdog timer built in)


Connection Example

External Dimensions

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